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It is essential to have a favorable legislation and administration regulating the business sector for business development, especially for the development of vulnerable small and medium businesses. We want Armenia to be a leading country in this regard. Our team is ready to be informed about the problems of the business sector that you have raised and to help you in solving them. In addition, we shall ensure the development of reform proposals of the business sector and cover other developments in the sector.


You have the right to submit reports anonymously on business problems that you face. Your report will be fully encrypted. In addition, there is additional privacy safeguards if you use the Tor browser:  your computer’s IP address will not be revealed. Therefore you will be able to conceal your identity.

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When you lodge a report on our website, the information you provide will be examined by our experts, who will respond to you within two working days to solve the issue you have raised.


The information you provide can assist us to identify evidence-based reforms and to decrease bureaucracy. Reforms are implementedin the format of public-private sector dialogue.


On this site we inform you about the latest news on the business sector, for example, legislative changes in tax, customs and other subsectors, etc. In addition, you can be informed about various events held in the business sector, etc.

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Lastest News

In this section you can find out about our activities in the business sector and their coverageregardingthe identification of the reforms based on evidence, the proposed legislative changes, as well as the upcoming events.

In addition, you can get information on the latest news of the business sector in this section, such as  legislative changes in tax, customs and other subsectors, loan programmes available for businesses (for example, to SMEs), journalistic investigations,courses, etc. You can also let us know what additional information of the business sectoryou will be interested in.

Without a Tie Discussion with the Deputy Minister of Finance, on the Issues of Public Procurement

Today, high-ranking officials from the Finance Ministry and representatives of public and business organizations dealing with business and consumer rights discussed today's issues that exist in the field and proposals for their solution at the coffee table in a tie-free and relaxed atmosphere


“BizProtect”: Presentation of the Business Environment Reform Platform took place

Do you face obstacles in business development? Report it through the "" platform, also anonymously. Identity of information holder will remain confidential, and the authenticity of the information will be examined and tackled within a short time. In order to get the highest level privacy protection, applications are submitted in the TOR Web Browser, which conceals the applicant's IP address and codes the data.


Banana Market, Monopolization or Dominance?

The banana price has dropped significantly over the last year: if the current price fluctuates between 650 -750, in previous years it was not less than 840 drams. This circumstance is conditioned by the emergence of new players in the market, though they encounter a number of obstacles.


Տեղի կունենա էլեկտրոնային հարթակի շնորհանդեսը

Նոյեմբերի 15-ին «Բիզ Պաշտպան»` էլեկտրոնային հարթակի շնորհանդեսը «Էրեբունի Պլազա» բիզնես կենտրոնում։


Հաջողության պատմություններ

Issues that have been successfully solved with the support of the website and our experts will be inserted in this section. As a result of these solutions the rights of businessmen will be restored, legislative reforms will be made,ad hoc working groups will be established to solve the existing problems. Names of the characters will be replaced with other names in all success stories and their anonymity will be maintained. The characters' identity will be revealed only if they wish.

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The website is developed within the frames of the “Evidence-based Advocacy for Reform” Project implemented by the Union of Information Technology Enterprises, Armenian Lawyers’ Association and European Business Association (the Consortium).

The “Evidence-based Advocacy for Reform” Project is implemented in the framework of  "Support to SME Development in Armenia" (SMEDA) project, which is co-funded by the European Union and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).  GIZ Private Sector Development in South Caucasus Programme implements SMEDA project. SMEDA is part of the EU4Business and EU4Innovation initiatives of the European Union.

This Project is implemented in the framework of "Support to SME Development in Armenia" project, which is co-funded by the European Union and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. It is implemented in the framework of GIZ ''Private Sector Development in South Caucasus'' Programme. "Support to SME Development in Armenia" project is a part of ''the EU for Business'' and ''the EU for Innovation'' initiatives of the European Union.

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